Click the link above to accept my invitation to Copious, which a site similar to Etsy!

They have tons of handmade items, jewelry, clothing, and most of all…NAIL POLISH! By clicking my invitation, you get 10$ in free credit, allowing you to buy whatever item you wish! Copious will connect to your FB account, and I believe it will only work if you have enough friends. Once your item is in your cart, make sure to click “Apply Credit”. 

The best deals are when there are no Copious fee and free shipping! Let me know what items you’ve gotten! So far, I’ve been able to snatch a Zoya and DS Sapphire…I’ve seen someone even get Lynderella for a steal!

#free #jewelry #nail polish #copious #clothing #fashion
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  1. ticklemetiina said: Thanks for the invite! I found this super cute Hello Kitty watch for $9 with a $0.57 Copious fee (free shipping) so I only had to put 7 cents on my credit card hehe. Thanks again! :)
  2. s-lacquer posted this
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