Funky Fingers Tinsel Town ($2.00 or 3/$5.00 for 0.50 fl. oz.)

Oooooookay. This is easily one of my favorite polishes. It may not have a linear holo, but Tinsel Town is packed packed packed with holographic glittery goodness. Once applied, you seriously cannot stop staring!

I bought this from my local Five Below, whom carry a variety of other polishes I can’t find elsewhere…plus it’s cheap! This may be from their Christmas line, but I’d wear this anyday!

Funky Fingers Tinsel Town is a bright jelly emerald green with a hint of teal and holographic glitter everywhere! It took three coats to become opaque, and is a bit gritty, but two coats of Seche Vite makes it the smoothest polish on your fingernails. It dries particularly fast and is rainbow-y at absolutely every angle. Surprisingly, removal wasn’t too much of a hassle, but still a bit difficult.

If this polish isn’t a part of your collection, you NEED to get it now!


Color: Emerald green jelly with a hint of teal and loaded with holo goodness
# of Coats Required: Two-Three
Drying Time (1-5): Two
Finish: Slightly gritty w/ no topcoat
Ease of Removal (1-5): Four

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